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Anaphylaxis - Noise For Lovers : Available Now!

The new Anaphylaxis CD, "Noise For Lovers", is available NOW! Order your copy today from Parasomnic Records for only $10! This release has been anticipated by fans of experimental electronic music for some time now, and has been well worth the wait! Visit to order "Noise For Lovers." Here is a brief overview of the album:

Anaphylaxis is the sound of universal tension. For over 10 years, Jason Coffman has quietly and meticulously created a musical world that contains both overwhelming chaos and unparalleled beauty. Taking cues from both popular music and post-modern culture, Anaphylaxis has become the antithesis of the musical status quo: noise for the masses... Noise For Lovers. Jason's unique creativity has given him a sort of underground cult status that has resulted in his working with (and re-mixing) the likes of Rivulets, Xn, True Colour of Blood, Drekka, Mt. Gigantic, Signalbleed and Schizoid.

Noise For Lovers is Anaphylaxis' 7th full-length release and has been over two years in the making. The results are compelling: Soothing atmospheric textures, obscure industrial noises, avant-garde trip-hop progressions and haunting shoegazer-like drones. From the thundering Scorn-esque "This is the Place..." to the beautiful, swirling "Tomorrow Romance", Jason’s cut-and-paste combinations of sung female vocals (courtesy of Teresa Santoski), sampled media sounds and technology gone awry have never sounded better - or more urgent. Over 70 minutes of his best work to date - available now from Parasomnic Records. Live shows are currently being planned for summer of 2005.

(RIYL: Stars Of The Lid, Loveliescrushing, Sigur Ros, Fennesz, Black Dice, Mick Harris (Scorn/Lull), Flying Saucer Attack, Techno Animal, Patsy Cline, etc...)
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