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Collectives cost too much money...

First of all, I thought I'd say hello since I have just joined... so, urm ... hello

Right, that's that out of the road. I was planning to mention some of my recent music purchases for comment / derision but I suddenly realised I had forgotten what they were. This state of confusion overtakes me more and more frequently, and I blame collectives.

First of all, I bought cLOUDDEAD's first album a month or so ago, totally loved it and got very excited when I found out that they would be releasing another very soon. Excellent timing. Last week I got "Ten", which totally blew me away (especially the Boards of Canada remix of "Dead Dogs Two"), so I started looking for similar stuff.

Now here is where the problems start. It used to be that people formed bands and made music. Occasionally band members would fall out, or otherwise move on, and form other bands, and make more music. These days, jesus, everybody is forming collectives with everybody else, releasing copious amounts of material filled with lovely, unexpected influences and general ear-tickling-wonderfulness.

Am I complaining? No. Its bloody great. The only problem is that I have ordered about five albums from three different online stores in the middle of Saturday night, while not-quite-sober, and I can't remember any of it.

I think one of them was "Hymie's Basement", though. At least I hope so, otherwise I'll have to buy it next weekend.


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